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October 12, 2010

10 keys to a great worship service

Liquid used the evening service on Sunday 10/10/10 as an all-music worship service ... and here's 10 reasons why it was such a powerful service:

1. The night was preceded by a full week of prayer

2. The focus of the evening - even on the minimal advertising - was Jesus.

3. We cut baxk on the hi-tech, choosing instead for a hi-touch approach. We weren't affraid to have NOTHING on the big screens.

4. We mixed old songs - like Come Though Fount - with new songs - like With Everything.

Picture 7

5. We separated the worship sets with scripture readings that specifically focused on Jesus - His person and His works.

6. We gave people freedom to respond as they felt led - whether it was coming to the front, raising hands, recieving communion, lighting a candle, standing for worship or kneeling for prayer.

7. The leaders and pastors participated in the service by worshiping. The worship team served the whole church in this way by allowing our leaders and satff to spend time simply worshiping Jesus.

8. We changed EVERYTHING. From the lighting, the curtains and candles, to the use of iMag and the sample used during the intro. You could tell after two minutes that this was a "different" service to the norm.

9. We took out all regular sevice elements - slides, annoucements etc - everything.

Picture 1

10. We created an underground swell of support by advertising only on Facebook and through a business card that people handed personally to their guests. The result was a packed house. Literally there was standing room only - and that was after we added four extra rows of seats mid-service.

What do you think makes a great worship service?


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I am also interested to pray. I love to pray to God. I feel that, Worship is a gift given by God. Nice steps.

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