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The power of acoustic worship

What is it about acoustic worship that draws people into the presence of God in such a unique way? There’s more than just the unplugged music, right?

Last Wednesday when Liquid Church had its first midweek worship service, we decided on an acoustic worship set, which proved to be a major win! In a New Jersey church that has been built on full-on rock concert-style worship, the unplugged set drew our community into a powerful time of worship that went way beyond expectations.


The difference I believe was that the unplugged acoustic set allowed our people to actually hear themselves worship as a community. Don’t underestimate this. There’s something powerful about God’s people uniting in worship and actually being able to hear each other sing without the heavy drums or distorted guitars.

The only thing electric that worship night was the atmosphere. There was a spirit of worship throughout our church and it was hard not to be emotional. Part of it came from the HUGE turnout we had. Every campus was bursting at the seams and there was standing room only.

But what pushed the night beyond expectations was the opportunity we gave our church family to hear themselves sing to God.

What did you think? Were you there? How did the acoustic set affect you? Will you be coming to this Wednesday's worship night? 




LOVE acoustic worship!!! Was there last week and really looking forward to tonight Aussie!!! Keep up the good work :)

Barbara Ruglio

It was awesome in Nutley last night and last week too. While I agree with all you said, and love the richer quieter sound that allowed me to hear the others sing, I think it is a revival. The bold leadership of Liquid asking their people to fast, pray and worship has indeed sparked revival. Pastor Tim going first on the fasting part--praying and fasting for us, has started an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Last night, to have over 200 people come to an unplugged mid-week service, some with their little ones in tow, in NUTLEY? Only 15 minutes from NYC??? What else can that be but an act of God?

On the way out last night I passed Dave Pettigrew and told them if anyone was taking a vote, I would vote for more of same. Come Holy Spirit come!

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