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    I serve as Lead Pastor of Liquid Church-- a creative, come-as-you-are church based in NJ with friends all across the world (sup, Australia?). A lady once visited and said, "Never thought I'd enjoy listening to some Big Hair Preacher, but you're different." I took that as a compliment. BHP is all about the stuff I love-- my kids, God, life, our church, media, culture, and my lazy hound Percy.

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February 23, 2010


John Boss

I cant wait for this series, its going to be great. Being that we have a catholic brother in every dorm, the only church service availbe is mass, 90% of kids seem to have a catholic background and all of my family besides immediate is catholic, this is going to fill the catholic questions that i have always been asking myself. Many kids here just scrap any thought of religion because they have been going to mass with their parents all their lives and many look at it as being force fed like baby food. Hopefully this will build bridges between the catholic community here and the liquid marist group, and through the knowledge gained liquid marist can hopefully reach out to a new group of students. totally pumped, you da man!!

John Boss

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