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How to create a worship culture

Creating a worship culture takes more than just pulling off a "good" service. It take more than having great music.  

It takes a music team that is relentlessly pursing God.

It takes a music team that has a passion to serve their church – not just their musical aspirations.

It takes a team with a commitment to excellence. 

Do you agree or disagree? What would you add?



Yes! And I so desperately miss that kind of a worship -culture into our small oldfashioned congregation. Ah.. It got time to get used to this oldfashioned style that is in charge at our church, yet though I've barely done that I still know, that if someone from the outside would step into our church... especially someone at my age... Well.. You know, he wouldnt understand.


It's like dragging something heavy with you all the time. Even the words tell a different story, I have to say that a big part of a music style we use, does not really lift my soul up. You would know what I mean, if you'd been visiting a small finnish church. Sorry..


Sometimes though, if I feel I want to go really deep in spiritually and all the fake purky (sorry if my english is not so good) worship songs feel just so empty -they can do that -I listen to the GOOD old fashioned type of music, that talks about the blood of Christ and the deep emotions that are not always so lively.

Anyway, I'm a Finn so it's deep in my nature.

But I wouldnt like to be always so depressed! Just a few times in a year, thanks. 😄

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